New Zealand National Radio Interview

23rd Mar 2007, Mark Zeman

Radio New Zealand
I was interviewed by Kathryn Ryan on New Zealand's National Radio today. Everyone is keen to hear about a possible Google connection.

Listen to the mp3 of the interview.

Searchbots find info and many admirers

19th Mar 2007, Mark Zeman

Wellington's Dominion Post has an article on Searchbots today...

"It's a little bit like the Tamagotchi idea where you've got to actually interact with it and keep it alive. Every time you contribute some information or rate a website then the power of your searchbot grows. And as you visit websites without providing feedback it starts to drop.

"It's tapping into the Web 2.0 culture of people submitting information." Because people build their own searchbots the animated figures that ask users for feedback they will empathise with them and be less likely to let them "run down", Mr Zeman says.

Read the whole article

Searchbots is one of Read/WriteWeb's Top 100 search engines

27th Feb 2007, Mark Zeman

Engine Cloud
Popular web development blog Read/WriteWeb has listed Searchbots among their list of top 100 alternative search engines.

The Library House blog later did a geographic survey of the top 100 list and Searchbots is the only New Zealand search engine listed.

Does this make Searchbots New Zealand's leading alternative search engine?

John Battelle likes Searchbots

8 Feb 2007, Mark Zeman

John Battelle posted a link to Searchbots on his Searchblog. People made some great comments including this one by lo_fi who totally "gets" the Searchbots concept...

"My Searchbot recently contacted me with a question. "When you built my brain you said you could help me out if I got confused" he pleaded. He then asked me "How do I incorporate a business?" I don't know, so I didn't answer. I feel kind of bad, he's out there on his own and he's awfully confused. The responsibility is all too much. I would like to delete my account, but is that murder?"

Reports Improved

18 January 2007, Mark Zeman

The emails sent to you by your Searchbot when you use the Report Chip have been improved and redesigned. Your Searchbot will continuously scour the web and popular websites based on your tags and fire and email report back to you once a week or month with fresh websites you haven't seen before.

If you haven't tried building a Report you can see what they look like by clicking on the image.

People Digg Searchbots!

8 December 2006, Mark Zeman

Searchbots is on the popular social news website Digg today. Welcome to to all the new Searchbot owners from Digg. I'd really love to hear any feedback you might have positive or negative. Just drop a post on the forum. I big thanks to Media Temple as well their Dedicated Virtual server seems to be running just fine under the load of the Digg crowd.

Update: We also made it to the top of the popular list and 2000+ new Searchbots were build in 24 hours... whoo hooo go Searchbots go!

Busy busy busy

4 December 2006, Mark Zeman

We've been very busy in the Searchbots lab upgrading you Searchbot's capabilities. The reports are now working and you can search using a new location chip. We've also added a video tour that helps explain how Searchbots works. Searchbots now also regularly dine on information from Digg and

Now on Media Temple

12 September 2006, Mark Zeman

After a busy day searching your Searchbots now go home to refuel at their new virtual lab at (mt) Media Temple which should make them super speedy and way more stable.

Searchbots Re-Launched!

25 May 2006, Mark Zeman

The new Searchbots prototype was launched today at the Webstock Conference in Wellington, New Zealand. The website is still under development but you can build your own Searchbot and do a colour or tag search. Over the next two months I'll be finishing off all the other features.

Here's a pdf of the presentation I gave at the conference. You can watch the presentation from the Webstock Recordings page. Look for the 8x5 session.